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Geographic Exceptions (GE)

Under Hawaiʻi laws, all persons attending public schools are required to attend the school in the geographic area in which they reside. However, permission to attend another school may be granted by the Department. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


At Daniel K. Inouye Elementary School we make our decisions based on the total student body enrollment, the enrollment of each specific grade level, and the capacity to service students.


Submitting an application

Fill out the GE Application form, and submit to the home school (for new students) or current school for students who are already enrolled.  *(The home school serves the geographic area of the child's residence.) 


Notice of Approval or Denial

Knowing that our students enter and exit throughout the school year, each request will be considered based on the status of the school at the time of the application.


New families submitting GEs for an upcoming school year may not receive a response until after our first count date in the middle of August due to the late arrival of families in our area.  Please keep in mind that the movement of military families may cause us to hold off on decisions until after August.


GEs are not permitted for PreK. 


If you wish to look for other schools in the area, please visit the DOE’s school finder website.