Grade 1



Aloha DKIES Families!


We will provide weekly learning activities your child can explore. The curriculum is designed to reduce learning loss and maintain your child's readiness level for when students are able to return to school. Let's partner together to ensure your child continues to learn during our time of school closure.


To access the materials*, visit our grade level page every Monday morning and click on the sidebar and select Continuity of Learning: Grade 1 then choose the week we are in. If you do not have internet access and/or a device to access these online materials, contact your teacher**.


Mahalo for your patience as we explore and discover new ways to connect, create and share.

*Teachers let families know about this schedule through parent emails.

**Teachers notified specific families of their drive-through packet pick up date and time.

Why does the rain dry up in the sun? Who was Rosa Parks and why is she important? How can I show what I learned about ocean animals?

These are just some of the fun and interesting topics our first graders will investigate this year.

As a first grader, our students will develop an understanding of mathematics. They will learn to read and read to learn. They will learn to write and use writing as a tool to express themselves. They will learn about the world around them and share what they discover through art, technology, and other media.

First grade is an exciting year of growth and fun!