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Registration and Required Documents

Families may register students online or pick up a paper packet at our school's office.


Due to health and safety considerations in light of the COVID pandemic,

please call 305-3400 to arrange an in person visit.


Students will begin 2 days after their completed registration packets are received.

(*Family drops off registration packet on Monday, child will begin on Wednesday.)




Register online here.


For assistance in using online registration, parents and guardians may contact the Hawaii State Department of Education Online Registration Help Line at (808) 564-6070.

Required Documents

Please gather the following documents and forms prior to beginning the enrollment process.  For online registration, you will be required to upload the completed enrollment form and supporting documents (any format accepted, such as PDF, photo, jpeg). 

Completed enrollment form (SIS10w)

  • Student birth certificate: If the student is from a foreign country, the student’s passport or student visa is acceptable. 
  • Valid photo ID of parent/guardian (e.g. driver's license, passport, state ID)
  • Military Orders
  • Proof of current address: Documentation by the parent or legal guardian that the child resides at an address within the school’s attendance boundary. (Link to our SchoolSite Locator to see school district boundaries and explore school locations.) Preferred documentation to establish proof of residence includes the following (at least one required for online registration, however, a school may request additional documentation):
    • Rental/lease agreement, mortgage document, or current real property assessment document in the parent/guardian's name. A signed and accepted offer to a lease agreement from the leasing office is acceptable, if the following are included: Parent/legal guardian's name and signature with date of acceptance; residential address; effective date of offer; available unit date; and, deadline to respond date.
    • Utility bill for water, electric, gas or telephone that indicates that the billing is in the parent/guardian’s name and is being sent to the house; and
    • If the parent or legal guardian cannot provide documentation of legal residence because the parent/legal guardian is living with a relative/friend, a notarized statement by the relative/friend can be accepted by the school with the following stipulation: (a) Notarized statement must state that the parent/legal guardian and child are living with the relative/friend; (b) Notarized statement must state the name of relative/friend that is on the relative/friend’s proof of legal residence; (c) Notarized statement must state the same address of relative/friend that is on the relative/friend’s proof of legal residence; (d) A copy of the relative/friend’s proof of legal residence must be attached to the notarized statement; and (e) Notarized statement must be signed by same name of relative/friend that is on the relative/friend’s proof of legal residence.


Falsification of documents submitted is subject to penalty under Hawaii Revised Statutes 710-1063, resulting in the child being sent back to the school where he/she should properly be attending. The Department may pursue prosecution at its discretion.

Families experiencing unstable housing are covered by enrollment guidelines provided in the McKinney-Vento Act.  Please contact a community liaison in your area.

Other documents, if applicable

  • Documents from a previous school: These can include a release packet with an unofficial transcript or latest report card, and for special education students, the Individual Education Plan.  For 504 students, the 504 Plan.
  • Legal documents:
    • Power of Attorney if the child is not living with the parents.
    • Temporary Restraining Order.
    • Guardianship documents.
    • Legal name change.
    • Court orders.

Transfers to Daniel K. Inouye from Out-of-State - Required Documents

The following records are required when registering in Hawaiʻi for the first time:

  • Birth certificate, passport, or baptismal certificate
  • Report card and/or records from previous school
  • Address verification 
    • (acceptance for quarters/electric or cable bill/rental agreement)

Families in Temporary Housing

According to Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) §302A-1143 and Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) §8-13, school-aged children are required to attend the school in the area in which they reside, unless permitted to attend another school through a geographic exception.


As a reminder, proof of residence is required for enrollment. Proof of residence is defined as documentation by the parent or legal guardian that the child resides at an address within the school's attendance boundary. The Hawaii Department of Education will now include Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders as valid documentation for proof of residence.


PCS orders include:

  • military PCS indicating the unit and duty station a military member will be assigned to; or,
  • a travel fund cite, which are the official documents that allow obligation of funds (allows the military member to set up movers to ship household goods, get plane tickets, etc.). All services, except the Navy, include the names of all family members authorized (funded) to travel with the member.


Registrars and office assistants will keep a record of the PCS orders when enrolling students and communicate to parents/guardians that they will need to provide updated proof of residency information once a permanent residence has been established.


Geographic Exception


Under Hawaiʻi laws, all persons attending public school are required to attend the school in the geographic area in which they reside. However, permission to attend another school may be granted by the Department and it is also not guaranteed.  


Please see the school office to request a Geographic Exception form if you wish to attend a school not in your geographic area.  For more information, please see the Hawaiʻi DOE website.

Transfers to Daniel K. Inouye from Another Hawaiʻi Public School

Students coming to Daniel K. Inouye from a public school in Hawaiʻi must present the Release Card (Form 211) issued by the child’s former school and address verification (acceptance for quarters/utility bill/rental agreement).


Medical Requirements

We work in conjunction with the Department of Health to ensure that students meet key health requirements.

All children attending school in Hawaiʻi must have a signed and completed Student’s Health Record to document the following:


  • Tuberculosis (TB) clearance: Please see below and visit the Department of Health website for more information:
  • Physical Examination: Must be completed within one year before:
    • First date of attendance at a preschool or school in Hawai‘i and
    • First date of attendance in the 7th grade.
  • Immunizations: Required immunizations depend on the age and/or grade of the student.
    • Beginning July 1, 2020, additional immunizations are required for students entering preschool, kindergarten, 7th grade, and all students entering school in Hawaii for the first time, regardless of age. 
    • Children may be exempt from immunization requirements for medical or religious reasons.
  • Medications: If your child requires emergency rescue medications or other daily/routine prescribed medications, please fill out this form and take it to the school.


A student who does not have documentation of all the required immunizations or a physical examination may be allowed provisional entry with verification of an upcoming medical appointment.


If a child is experiencing unstable housing (per the McKinney-Vento Act) or is an undocumented immigrant, refugee, or seeking asylum (as established by Plyer v. Doe), he/she may enroll and attend class while a school arranges for the transfer of health records or while a Community Homeless Concerns Liaison assists the student in meeting health requirements.

Provisional enrollment

Students can be provisionally enrolled if parents produce a signed doctor’s statement that indicates the student is in the process of completing all health requirements. 


A date and time for the next scheduled visit must be noted on the doctor’s statement. 


If health requirements are not met within thirty (30) days, the student will be excluded from school.