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Technology Responsible Use Guideline

The Department of Education has issued a new AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) for use of technology in schools. The link to the full pdf is below:

DOE Technology Responsible Use Guidelines Online PDF
General Safety:
  1. I will not damage or harm any computer, electronic device, network or security systems at school.
  2. I will not access or use any applications, materials and communications that is not related to what we are learning in class unless approved by my teacher.
  3. I will not download, install, delete or update applications unless approved by my teacher.
  4. I will report problems or incidences to my teacher.  
  5. I will not use the school network or devices to make money or for political lobbying.

  1. I will not share personal information such as (full name, home address or telephone number) on the Internet without permission from my teacher.   I will not meet anyone contacted through the Internet.
  2. I will not use devices or the Internet for unethical, obscene or illegal purposes.   I will not post, send, or access pornographic material, inappropriate text or graphic files.
  3. I will not send, receive or use any form of electronic media (email, web pages) to anyone that may: bully, intimidate, annoy, threaten, offend or break laws.

  1. I will be responsible for my account.  I will not share my password with anyone.
  2. I will not use another user’s account or password without teacher authorization.

  1. I will respect copyright laws.  I will get permission or licenses for anything I post or access.  I will not illegally distribute or duplicate unauthorized copyrighted or licensed material.
  2. I will not make copies of copyrighted software, unless permitted by law or by the owner.