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Meet Mrs. Colte

My photos tell my story...I love to hike, cook, learn new things & spend time with my family. 
I am an explorer of the world.  I discover new ideas by asking questions, reading, listening & sometimes, just by hands-on creation.  One of my favorite things is to learn from others--especially to watch students discover their talents as they build in the makerspace, test out a new strategy in a video game or tell me about their favorite book.  I just learned how to use a dovetail saw.  Can you find it in the pictures?  We had two furry supervisors helping us: Chibi & Charlie. 
Our library is a place to explore & discover ideas through books, hands-on exploration & from each other.  Students also have the opportunity to create and share their discoveries through lunch time popups and digital tools on the library website. 
I look forward to seeing YOU in the library!