Access to student work and educational resources

                              Welcome J5 Ohana!!!


I would like to take a moment and welcome all of my new families to the 2020-2021 school year.   I am very excited to start a new school year of learning, exploring, and growth!  Under the current circumstances, I hope everyone was able to have a fantastic summer filled with fun, laughter, and adventures!  I am looking forward to working with you and your child as we encourage and support them to reach for the stars and beyond!


A little bit about me:  Growing up, my father was in the military which meant my family moved around quite a bit.  I was very blessed to have had the opportunity to live in so many different places and meet many new friends during that time.  I believe that sense of adventure was one of the reasons why I moved to the island of Oahu back in 1999.  I also believe my experiences growing up in a military family is the reason why I wanted to work with families and teach on a military base.  My inspiration to teach special education began with a 5-year old little boy that I was working with when I started off as a skills trainer many years ago.  From that point on I have had the pleasure of working with and supporting many students and families for all of these years. When I received my master’s degree in special education, I gave credit to the little boy who inspired me and to this day I still talk to him and his family.  He is 19 now and recently graduated from high school.   


I would also like to introduce you to Ms. Shawn.  Ms. Shawn has years of experience working within the classroom environment and is our classroom’s fantastic education assistant.  Ms. Shawn provides her years of experience to teach, encourage student growth, and provides learning opportunities that reach every student and their individual learning needs.  She is very dedicated to supporting our students and our student families. 


Our motto in J5 is, “There is no such thing as can’t! We can try, We can do!”  Our classroom motto is meant to encourage our friends to keep going and never give up! 


We love our J5 Ohana!!!  During the school year, we try to provide a few opportunities for parent participation within our classroom community.  Due to Covid-19 and CDC guidelines within the classroom we will have to wait and see.  I believe that parent participation is one of the greatest ways to help our keiki grow and succeed.


Please know that we are a learning community and Ms. Shawn and I will do our very best to help support you and your amazing child in any way that we can!


We are looking forward to new adventures with your child and family!


Go J5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A few extras:


  • We like to garden in J5. If your child happens to have garden gloves, please feel free to send them in.


  • Our class has ‘bin time’ at the end of the day. This is a time for students to unwind from the end of the day and work on social skills (sharing, being a good friend, taking turns).


  • Before bin time, our classroom has a community meeting to discuss the day. If a student has tried their best throughout the day, they receive a fish to place wherever they want in the classroom.


  • We have ‘Fun Friday’ every week to celebrate your child’s success. This also usually includes popsicles, bubbles, and extra time at the play structure or bin time. Please let me know if it is not okay for your child to have a popsicle or ice cream on that day.


Thank you for your time and your valuable support!


With much aloha,

       Ms. Broden & Ms. Shawn


P.S. If you need to get in contact with me, you can call the school number at 305-3400 or email me at