Returning to School after Traveling

Student travelers must follow all applicable international, state, and county requirements at the time of the trip. See Safe Travels Hawai‘i for detailed information about those requirements.
Students who travel out-of-state must also complete one of the following pathways to return to school:

1. Be fully vaccinated before the return flight to Hawaii and show proof of vaccination to the school; or

2. Test for COVID-19 (2 steps)
a. Students ages 5 and older must show proof of:
i. Safe Travels pre-travel test result and
ii. A post-travel test result (i.e. PCR or antigen test taken after
returning to Hawaii)
b. Students under 5 years of age must show proof of:
i. The travel companion’s vaccination or Safe Travels pre-travel test
result and ii. Their own post-travel test result; or

3. Stay home for ten (10) days after returning to Hawaii; or

4. Within 90 days of COVID-19 infection, show proof of the COVID-19 diagnosis and return to school after the isolation period is complete, symptoms improved, and no fever for 24 hours without the use of medication. (i.e., no COVID-19 test or quarantine required if asymptomatic).

The school may request documentation of COVID-19 vaccination, test results,
diagnosis, and/or travel itinerary. If health information is provided, it must be stored like a medical record. If documentation is not provided to the school, the student who traveled out of state may be required to wait 10 days after returning to Hawaii before attending class in-person.