Returning to Learning

Should you need access to the Webex links, please write to Principal Arikawa at
FAQs from the WEBEX Sessions:
During school closure, my child could not access sites (YouTube, etc.) when signed in through their DKIES account due to the filters the department uses.  Is there a way to ensure that all provided content and links are accessible by students?
Yes, we will work with our distance learning teachers to ensure the resources are compatible.
For attendance, how many missed days are permitted?
In Hawai'i, students are labeled chronically absent if they miss 15 or more days of school for any reason.
Will the school still have art / PE / extra curricular activities for the students?
Due to the guidance to keep students with the same teacher for the majority of the day and our current enrollment, we do not have assigned PE teachers for the school.  Students will receive this instruction through their teachers.  We may be able to purchase a part time teacher for art who can lead virtual sessions, but that will depend on enrollment.  At this time we do not have any extra curricular activities identified but this may change with health and safety guidance.
Can I change my mind after hearing the information on the Webex meeting?
We are respecting a family's opportunity to make their choices known before the Webex meetings and we will not be making changes until the first quarter or until new guidance / school-wide needs arise.
We have children at different schools, can my DKIES student have the same schedule as my other children?
We are conscious of this challenge for families and are working diligently to try to make our schedule as responsive to the needs of our students, families, faculty, and staff as possible.
We have children in different grade levels, can my DKIES children have the same schedules?
We are working to ensure this happens.
Will full time students be in the same classrooms as part time students?
This may occur, it depends on the interest for face to face instruction and the amount of individuals we can accommodate on campus.
Will the curriculum be completely different for face to face students vs distance learning students?
The grade level standards for all students remain the same for all students, regardless of method of engagement.  The tools / resources / materials may be different due to the ways in which teaching and learning are happening. Here is a link to the standards which the Hawai'i Department of Education uses for guidance.  Remember that standards are not curriculum but rather the expectations of what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade level.
Will my child be required to sit in front of a computer all day if we choose distance learning?
NO.  Distance learning will incorporate face to face sessions and check ins along with independent work for the student to accomplish on their own.  It is more aligned with mastery of certain skills / content.  It is not developmentally appropriate to have children spend excess amounts of time in front of a screen.
Can students wear face shields instead of face masks?
Do we still need to apply for Free / Reduced Meals?
State: Hawaii
Search for District: DOE
Will the school be notified should a close contact of a student or a faculty member tests positive for COVID?
We take all health guidance from the Department of Health and Department of Education, which includes notification.  The latest information I've heard was that they will notify the school if a student or employee tests positive.
Why don't kids have to wear masks at recess?
To us, recess = exercise.  The health requirements don't require individuals to wear masks while exercising.  If a family wants their child to wear a mask during recess, they are free to make that known to their child.
When will we know our child's specific schedule?
We are working on processing each child.  We will email a letter to families which state each child's schedule and it may or may not include the teacher's name.  We will then mail a signed copy of the letter home to the address on file.
What school supplies should we bring?
School supplies will vary according to the way in which a student interacts with schooling this year.  Please gather the most basic and appropriate supplies according to your confirmed schedule and your teacher will help to guide the rest.  School supply lists are on under ENROLLMENT.
May I request a specific teacher for my child?
We take a family's request for specific qualities of a teacher, which may work with their child, into consideration.  However, for SY 20-21 teachers are still awaiting the roles in which they will serve because I am considering their interests alongside our families.  More than any other year, the alignment may not necessarily work, but I will try.
How do we complete bus transportation requests?