Special Lunches

Two legal guardians/parents are permitted to dine with their student on the following days.

30 AUG 2019, FRI
8 NOV 2019, FRI
17 JAN 2020, FRI
14 FEB 2020, FRI
22 MAY 2020, FRI

All lunch visitors must check in at the office prior to entering the cafeteria.

Adults may only eat with their child. We do not permit the sharing of food with anyone other than your immediate family. Guests on campus must abide by school rules.

We reserve the right to ask adults to leave the campus if their actions are not aligned with our vision, mission, core beliefs, and values.

We encourage adults to bring their own home lunch because our cafeteria staff cannot anticipate the amount of people who may want to purchase meals on these days.
*Please note that legal guardians/adults may dine with children at breakfast.