Fine Arts » Art Lessons for School Year 20-21 with Mrs. Grunenberg

Art Lessons for School Year 20-21 with Mrs. Grunenberg

Dessert Pop Art
Grades 1 to 5.  Try my optional enrichment art lessons on your own schedule.  The lessons are on the right.  I will post 2 a month.  Please see my recordings explaining the lessons and/or view the pdf slideshows at the right.  You can work whenever you like.  These are for enrichment.  (Note:  lessons are most appropriate for gr. 1-5, but kindergartners could try them with parental help.)  
International Dot Day:  September 15, 2020
Dot day is in September.  Learn about artists who work in dots and make your own artwork with dots.  You can make a Flip Grid if you wish (see below).  View the links above on the right--->
Record your artwork on Flip Grid 
My Art Flip Grid is for sharing art related to Mrs. Grunenberg's art lessons posted on the DKIES Fine Arts Tab only.   Please do not post other artwork on this tab, or extraneous topics that are unrelated to my art recordings and projects, or those student recordings will be deleted.  Please also remember to keep any sharing appropriate.  Thank you to everyone for sharing responses to my art lesson topics only.
Use your google login and the Flip Grid code "dkies2020." Click this link to see my recording explaining what to do  and a red box for you to press to record your work:       Thanks a latte for sharing!
Quarter 2 Fall Lessons Upcoming! 
Check back in mid-October for autumn leaf art, harvest pumpkin, and fall collage choices.  We will also try Halloween Kawaii doodles:)  
Keep on creating and art making!  -Mrs. Grunenberg