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Military Partners

25th Infantry Division

The 25th Infantry Division "Tropic Lightning", activated on October 1, 1941, is our school's partner division.  These individuals volunteer countless hours and donate resources to our students.  We are thankful!

Military & Family Life Counseling (MFLC) Program

The Military and Family Life Counseling Program supports service members, their families, and survivors with non-medical counseling worldwide. Trained to work with the military community, military and family life counselors deliver valuable face-to-face counseling services, briefings, and presentations to the military community both on and off the installation.

Tripler School Mental Health Team

Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Clinical Social Workers from Tripler Army Medical Center work closely with families, educators, counselors, and behavioral support staff at each school to Provide adjunct services for students and families to address emotional and behavioral difficulties.