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Mrs. D's Welcome Letter

WelcomeFirst off, welcome back or welcome to Daniel K. Inouye Elementary School. We're so glad to be working with you this year! My name is Mrs. DiStefano (Mrs. D to make it easier). I will be one of the special education teachers this year for 3rd and 4th grade. You may have seen me around campus two years ago, I was one of the third grade teachers at the time.
A little background about me: I am a military spouse (going on 5 years now). In all my years teaching, I have always worked with military families. I have taught in Korea, Washington, and now here in Hawaii. Additionally, I have taught in a variety of different positions - 2nd grade, military support liaison, computer teacher, third grade, and now as a special education teacher. I also have the unique experience of being in a similar situation as an "army brat" would. I grew up in Germany and Korea and have been raised around military my entire life. 
DiStefano Family
Although my parents themselves were not in the military, they taught for the Department of Defense for the majority of their careers, on military bases across Germany and Korea (hence why I grew up overseas). They are happily retired now, but combined they have over 60 years of teaching under their belts. I will never be anywhere near that, but I do know that from a very young age I have always wanted to be a teacher; teaching is "in my blood" you could say. Spending extra hours at school (well after all the other kids went home), I would often host my own "class" and read books to my imaginary students. On top of teaching being "in my blood", I also had the unique and very amazing opportunity to teach alongside BOTH of my parents in Korea. My dad was a 4th grade teacher, we did "reading buddies" together with him, and my mom was a reading specialist who worked with several of my students. 
Mrs. D Younger
As you know, education will look very different this year than we have ever seen in our lifetime. As teachers adapt to the new challenges and changes being made, we appreciate all your support and understanding through this time. Teachers are just like the children we have in our rooms, we are excited and nervous too!
DiStefano Kids
Thank you for being a part of the team to help your child have a safe and successful school year!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
Mrs. DiStefano