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What is a Makerspace?
The DKIES makerspace, Exploratopia, invites students to make cool things using multiple mediums. 
Makerspaces reflect the needs & interests of the users.  Our students are just learning to create using paper, cardboard, fabric, blocks, clay & paint so the tools they use and these mediums invite them to explore the process of creating.
If you walked into our makerspace, you might see students weaving on a cardboard loom, drawing comic books, building ramps out of paper plates and cardboard or designing their dream home with legos.  
You also might see them testing out a new enemy in the video game they designed or adding blocks to their augmented reality "tower of terror."
The makerspace invites students to imagine, design & build.  
When do students visit the Makerspace?
Students can use the makerspace at morning recess, during class visits and students in grades 3-5 can sign up to teach lunch time popups during lunch.  Teaching other students how to make cool things is empowering.  Our students have taught each other how to weave rainbow loom bracelets, design Harry Potter wands, fold origami and even learn Spanish!
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Some cool creations during recess in the Makerspace. Challenge: create with bottle caps

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