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School Based Behavioral Health

School-Based Behavioral Health (SBBH) procedures during DKI school closure:


If your child is receiving counseling services on their 504 Plan or their IEP, your services will continue, but at a distance.  Daniel K. Inouye’s Behavioral Health Specialist (BHS) will be making contact with you on a weekly basis.  Contact may include emails, telephone calls, and / or video calls, after verbal consent is given.


Each week the BHS will email parents, a specific activity to have your child do and will discuss when you’d like the BHS to call you/your child to discuss the activity.


Parents to encourage their child to show respect to the BHS by answering her questions and engaging in the phone call / activity.  There will be no major new learning—topics will all be social skills and coping skills related to their IEP or 504 Plan objectives.


Topics may include problem solving, making and keeping friends, how to relieve stress or anxiety and other relaxation activities, making I feel statements, positive thinking, identifying wants and needs, perseverance, etc.


Students will be reminded that they will be earning 5 minutes of play for each 30-minute tele-health session conducted with the BHS—to be given when school is reopened.


Students will also be earning a small toy for each 30-minute session conducted with the BHS—to be given when school is reopened or when the social distancing requirements are removed.


The BHS will also attend any and all meetings that she is invited to via teleconference, for the students that are currently receiving her services on the IEP or 504 Plan.   


If the student reports to the BHS that he or she wants to hurt themselves, the BHS will call the parent and report this to them.  The BHS will also do a suicide risk assessment over the phone to determine the severity of the threat. 


If the child tells the parent that he or she wants to hurt themselves the parents should call 911 and the supports below:


Resources are available if you or your child need further support

  •      Army Community Service – 808-787-4227
  •      Exceptional Family Member Program and
  •      Emergency Family Assistant Program have the same phone number—808-787-4227
  •      Child & Families Behavioral Health Services – 808-433-8140 (Telehealth during COVID-19)
  •      Military OneSource – 1-800-342-9647 are available 24/7 for crisis help and resources
  •      741741 to text chat for resources & coping strategies regarding DV, substance abuse, suicidal ideation
  •      National Suicide Prevention Lifeline-1-800-342-9647 Press 1 for Veteran’s Crisis Line available 24/7


See the Finding Help Directory on the Counselors' page for a larger list of island-wide resources,

or click on this link: