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Information during school closures


Your Student Success Advisor's and Behavioral Health Specialist at DKIES hope that you and your family are healthy both emotionally and physically during this unexpected time of change and uncertainty. 

Please know that the SSA and BHS are available to you during the school closure and in your time of need. We will be checking our email regularly and will respond to any questions or concerns you have as best as we can and refer out to our school community so that your concerns will be resolved. We look forward to hearing from you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

You may contact us as follows:
Mr. Matsuura:
Ms. Dyer:
Ms. Bookmyer
Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have answers to the following questions:
~~Will there be a graduation ceremony?
~~Will the school year be extended?
~~How will teachers be calculating grades for assignments while we are out?
~~Will there still be summer school? 
1. Please take care of yourselves and keep up-to-date on the news, but be sure to take breaks from the news when it gets too upsetting. Find enjoyable activities and be creative in connecting with your friends and family from a distance. Please help us to get this information to other DKIES students who may not be checking their school email.  
2. Counselors agree to check email regularly throughout the regular scheduled school day and look forward to taking time to respond to your students’ concerns. If we do not know the answer, WE will find the answer as best as we can and get back to the student either by phone or by email. We are here to assist you and your children. 
3. If we feel that the student needs to "talk" to someone with more serious needs of attention, we will contact our DKIES supports to contact you via phone call. In cases where the problem is more serious, we will offer other available resources.
4. If the school team feels that there is an emergency, (such as if the student may harm him/herself or someone else), the counselor will inform students’ parent(s) and an administrator.  Based on the situation, counselors may also need to contact HPD or a Crisis Hotline.
6. Resources for Specific Concerns can be found below:
~~Aloha United Way; Supporting Hawaii's Community:
~~Counselor Keri Talk to Kids about CoronaVirus:


~~Center of Disease Control:


~~National Public Radio: Closed schools create more trauma:


~~School Counseling Expert Offers Tips to Help Parents Support Kids Amid COVID-19 Outbreak: