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Individual Sessions

Formal Counseling Sessions (Individual Sessions)

Formal counseling can be initiated through concerns brought up through teacher documentation, office referral, family crisis, and other situations. Signed permission by parent or guardian is required for counseling services. Parent permission for walk-in counseling is not required.

Individual counseling is a personal and private interaction between the counselor and student. Counselors work on a problem or topic of concern to explore ideas, feelings, and teach new behaviors.

Typical topics include: Anger Management, Attention Deficit Disorder Management, Focus and Impulse Control, Building Self-esteem, Divorce Support, Social Skills, Grief Support, New Student Support, Social/Friendship Skills, Study/Organizational Skills and Stress Management and Behavior Management.
  1. Intake conversation and relationship building.
  2. Scheduled 20-30 minute sessions 1x per week for approximately 6 week's.
  3. Counselor will contact parent with any updated information throughout counseling session duration.
  4. There is always an option to continue with individual counseling services after 6 week's or to see student as needed per teacher request or parent request.