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The Brood Patch

Launched in April 2019, THE BROOD PATCH is a community of parents who come together for community engagement activities and/or learning development sessions which are of interest to them.
Each word carries its own significant meaning and together they highlight the intentional and focused energy of a parent to care and nurture their young, specifically EAGLES!
Our Brood Patch sessions are facilitated by school partners who seek to engage and educate our broader community, specifically parents of students at DKIES, on topics which align with our Learning Principles and Beliefs.

We believe...

*All students can learn
~ Therefore, we address individual strengths and needs by using a variety of teaching strategies.
*Instruction should be rigorous and relevant
~ Therefore, we provide instruction based on big understandings and essential questions.
*Assessment should be ongoing and authentic
~ Therefore, we use data from multiple assessments to impact instruction and measure learning.
*A safe and nurturing environment is essential for learning
~ Therefore, we promote caring and respectful relationships.
*Education is a community responsibility
~ Therefore, we encourage our families & community to be active in fulfilling our school's Vision and Mission.
SY 20-21 Opportunities
January 2021
December 2020
September 2020
"Dyslexia: Fact or Fiction"
Friday, September 4, from 1-3 pm
This Parent Talk Cafe learning opportunity will partner with the International Dyslexia Association, Hawaiʻi Chapter with Margaret Higa and HIDA Parent/Board Member, Jennifer Leoki-Drino.