Parents » The Brood Patch (est. April 2019)

The Brood Patch (est. April 2019)

  • brood /bro͞od/
(noun) a family of young animals, especially of a bird, produced at one hatching or birth.
  • patch /paCH/

(verb) mend or strengthen

(noun) a small piece of ground, especially one used for growing or gardening


Each word carries its own significant meaning and together they highlight the intentional and focused energy of a parent to care and nurture their young, specifically EAGLES!
The Brood Patch is a group of parents and care givers who come together for community engagement and/or learning development sessions.  Facilitated by school partners, these sessions seek to engage and educate parents of students at DKIES, on topics which align with our Learning Principles and Beliefs.
SY 21-22 Opportunities
Explore the landscape of early literacy development!
You are invited to engage in a workshop to better understand how young children learn language, build/strengthen your child-centered mindset, and discover strategies for engaging with your child at their current stage of language-learning.
The session will also examine some of the worries or frustrations that may come with supporting young language-learners and offer insight on how children’s passions, interests, and curiosities can become a vehicle for learning.
We hope participants will walk away with new, strength-based perspectives and strategies that can be used right away in the home setting.