Nicole Tua Velez » Welcome to Kinder!

Welcome to Kinder!

Hello everyone! My name is Nicole Tua Velez. I am a Kindergarten teacher here at DKIES.
I was born in Puerto Rico, Spanish being my first language. Growing up my dad was in the military so moving around is something that is very familiar to me and we got to live in a few different places, including Hawaii. After graduating from the University of Arizona with my Bachelors in Elementary Education, I relocated back here to Hawaii. 
I enjoy to read on my free time. Reading is something that I am very passionate about, as it played a huge role in learning english as an english language learner in school. I also enjoy being hands on in creating different art projects and activities. My boyfriend, Angel, and I love to spend time relaxing at home, playing board games or watching Netflix. 
I am excited to meet you all!