Jennifer Dyer » Ms. Dyer ~ School Counselor Grade 2 and 3

Ms. Dyer ~ School Counselor Grade 2 and 3

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As a certified professional School Counselor: 

  • Work within a child's total environment to assist in addressing academic, behavioral, emotional and social needs. 
  • Help empower children to feel good about themselves and aid them in the process of making positive decisions that lead to healthy and meaningful lives.  
  • Serve children and their families, teachers, administrators and the community.

With what types of things can a Counselor help?

The School Counselors provide support services to address a number of issues, including (though certainly not limited to) the following: 

* Anger Management * Coping Skills * Parenting Skills
* Anxiety * Divorce/Changing Families * Self-Esteem
* Behavior Modification * Friendship Skills * Social Skills
* Conflict Resolution * Grief and Loss * Stress Management


  • How does a student see the Counselor?

    Students can see the Elementary Counselor via a self-referral, parental request, and/or teacher or administrative referral.

    Sessions may be held on a regular, ongoing basis or simply as needed.