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Ms. Dyer ~ Student Success Advisor

Ms. Dyer

As a Certified Professional Student Success Advisor,

I believe that students are our teachers!

My relationship with our students is the connection to learning, healing, safety, joy and friendship.


I was born in Honolulu and grew up on the windy beaches of the Windward Side. I travelled very far from my home to brrrr winter snow storms in upstate New York. I was super duper homesick. With the kindness and encouragement of my college counselor, I made it through the blustery winters, made special friendships from vastly different cultures and found my fantastic strengths. My professors lovingly encouraged me in my studies, knowing I was a little different, being from an island and used to the warm salty ocean (unlike the freezing lake waters.)  I graduated!!! and flew the fastest plane home!



I am a Student Support Advisor (Formally known as "School Counselor") 


Teachers and staff are wonderful mentors and the greatest friends.

We learn of the wonderful values of kindness, compassionate listening and gratitude. 

We can build for ourselves and others in order to create a life of goodness wonder and joy. 


 I Want to Help Students Discover . . .

How to Make Positive Choices

Calming Skill Mindsets

Creating Trusting and Fun Friendships

Resolving Conflicts 

Confidence Discovery


How does a student meet with me? 

Self-referral, parental request, teacher or administrative referral.
Sessions may be held on a regular, ongoing basis or simply as needed.